CANCELLATION POLICY: You must cancel your reservation 30 days prior to your arrival date for a refund of deposit.  Reservation fee of $10 is nonrefundable.

  • Times

    • Check in time: 2 pm

    • Check out time:  12:00 pm   * Late checkouts are permitted if approved in advance.

    • Quiet hours: 10 pm - 8 am   


  • Speed Limit:  Maximum 10 mph

    • Keep vehicles at a speed to prevent dusting.

    • Please drive carefully and watch for children and pets.

  • All visitors must check-in with office prior to entering park.

    • You, as our guest are responsible for the conduct of your visitors. Please ensure that they are familiar with all Rules and Regulations before they enter the park.

  • No more than 6 people are allowed per site, additional fees are charged over 4 people.

  • Children: Children must always be under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

  • Water pressure regulators are suggested for all RV’s.

  • No fireworks.

  • Fires are allowed only in designated fire rings.

    • DO NOT burn plastic, glass, or garbage in fire rings.

    • NEVER leave a fire unattended and extinguish before turning in for the night or leaving campground.

    • DO NOT deposit cigarette butts in fire rings.

    • Do not move fire rings unless preapproved by management.

    • Do not bring your own firewood unless it is certified heat treated. Firewood must be purchased locally.


  • Smoking: Please dispose of cigarette butts in trash receptacles. DO NOT leave butts on the ground or in firepits.

  • Do not walk-thru other campsites.

  • Pets

    • Inside pets are allowed. Pets must be accompanied and, on a leash, no longer than 6’ at ALL times when not inside of your RV.  

    • Clean up after your pet.

    • Do not leave your pet unattended.

    • You may leave your pet in a RV, however if guests complain about excessive barking, you will be called to return to the campground.

    • Respect the wishes of other campers with pets. Not all pets are as friendly as yours.

    • Pets must not have an aggressive nature.


  • TREES – Please do not cut, trim, strip, nail or damage trees or vegetation in any way.


  • SEWER HOOKUPS – All sites have a sewer hookup. NO loose sewer connections are allowed. Gate valves must not be left open on the black water tank until you are ready for purging. An open gate valve on your gray water tank could result in foul and hazardous septic odors (methane gas) outside and may end up inside your camper. Do not dispose paper towels, clothing, sanitary napkins, grease, dog feces, rocks, food scraps or anything that is not human waste or dish water in the sewer system.


  • One vehicle is allowed per site. Additional vehicles can be parked in the overflow parking area.


  • Rowdiness, loud music, abusive language, violent behavior, and drunkenness, possession or use of drugs will not be tolerated at any time. Objectionable conduct of any kind or violation of any park rule or anyone causing a disturbance will immediately be asked to leave the premises and will forfeit all fees.


  • Campers are solely responsible for protecting the water service hydrant at their site from freezing. During extreme cold weather Campers may be required to disconnect their service line from the hydrant. Any and all repair costs resulting from damage to Big Bear’s water service hydrant and distribution lines, caused by negligence of the Camper to protect or disconnect water service, shall be paid by the Camper. This shall include any water usage cost resulting from the damage.  

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